Summertime is all about refueling, refreshing, and relaxing at Step Above.  Our dance season runs from September until May and it is a busy run.  It\s not at all surprising that we teachers find ourselves pretty worn out and exhausted following recital on May 13th.  So, we look for ways to relax and re-energize.  On June 24th, I (Miss Jacqueline), went to see Swan Lake at the Four Seasons Centre in Toronto with a close friend.  The National Ballet of Canada can always be counted on for an outstanding performance, and of course the lovely Four Seasons Centre is a luxurious venue.  For 2 1/2 hours, Jenn and I watched in awe as the dancers swept us up into the story and the orchestra did the same with the music.  For me, this was bliss.  Those 2 hours filled my soul…  I was in awe of the beauty of the corps de ballet all dressed as white swans as they performed courus after courus across the stage.  The principals were stunning.   It brought me back to my first experience at the ballet with my parents at the age of 6 (maybe I was 7?) when I first fell in love with ballet.   It was Swan Lake and I was mesmerized.   Moments such as these change your life.  Here I am many years later still loving ballet as much today as I did then.  Though I do feel worn out each May, and get tired of giving the same correction over and over (pointe those toes, dancers!), watching Swan Lake renewed my passion for teaching ballet.  May I continue sharing this passion with each of my ballerinas.